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Why An Anti-Virus System Is Useful To Your Electronic Devices

Over the past few years, the use of technology has become more apparent in our day to day lives and continually being pushed at the forefront of everyday processes. As mankind adapts to the positive uses of this emerging technology, there have unfortunately been a few groups of individuals who have exploited the same technology to utilise for their own ill benefits, such as fishing for personal information (such as bank account data and login credentials) or spying on individuals for illegal purposes as well as extorting device owners with the use of adware or ransomware. This has been especially of great concern during the recent pandemic, which has seen major data breaches in both government departments and private corporations.

Nevertheless, software engineers and cybersecurity specialists continue to persist in collaborating together to create up-to-date software and systems in place which can counteract the illegal activities carried out by these few rotten apples. Therefore, if you’re the owner of any type of electronic device, it’s important to install an anti-virus software and to frequently update it in order to keep your technology protected as well as safeguard your personal data. Anti-virus software is essential to locate and destroy any viruses on your hardware, especially if you find yourself downloading and running multiple applications from the internet. If you still need persuading to install an anti-virus software on your electronic devices, here are five reasons you should download one today:

It is cost effective

Let’s be honest, you’d rather not risk your costly device and all the important data on it, right? Popular operating systems such as Windows come packed with a free, ready-to-use antivirus software called Windows Defender. It does the average job of its active defence systems against threats such as automated file scanning and system monitoring. There is also the opportunity to manually scan a file or folder to check for threats and to ensure your computer is free from any viruses. However, if you’re after a more advanced anti-virus system, an award-winning protection can be downloaded completely free of charge from Avira. If you prefer to purchase an alternative anti-virus system, Avast or Norton are popular as they are faster and provide more features in order to detect new threats as well as consume less device resources when actively running in the background.

It warns of viruses

Anti-virus systems are ever-evolving and improving to combat against new founded threats. They are designed to detect and warn the user of malicious articles which are downloaded onto a device, either from the internet, from an email or concealed on a USB drive. Malicious articles, in simple terms, is code which is normally found in an executable file (this can be identified by an .exe file extension) which causes harm to your device by changing, manipulating or modifying important system files or personal files.

It cleans up viruses

Not only do the anti-virus systems warn you about possible malicious software found on your system, but it also cleans up and removes the malicious file automatically. This makes it easier for computer illiterate individuals to continue using their device safely whilst being guarded from any threats.

It offers 24/7 automated scanning

Anti-virus systems have an advanced automated scanning feature which continuously scan computer system files and any new software found on the computer, whether it’s downloaded from the internet or transferred from an external drive such as a USB. This is beneficial for users as a file can be allowed to operate normally or removed immediately from a device if it is detected as malicious. Anti-virus systems can also quarantine an application until a user has decided to remove it or continue to utilise it in case of false-positive matches.

It can provide parental controls

Advanced anti-virus software can also be used to log activity or block certain actions using its child safety features. Parents have access to the parental control panel to monitor computer usage and change the settings to suit their needs, giving parents less worry when it comes to their children using electronic devices around the house, whether they’re browsing the internet or downloading new apps.

Hopefully, these points have persuaded you to utilise the anti-virus system on your electronic device or invest in one to safeguard your data and protect your technology.

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