4 Years of Gridcore Graphics with bakerdays

4 Years of Gridcore Graphics with bakerdays

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Wow, I don’t know where to begin!

I can’t believe that Gridcore Graphics has been running for so long now and that I have a devoted audience too! This is also my first ever collaboration with a brand; very fitting to celebrate my business and blog‘s 4th birthday, right?! So, thank you to bakerdays for sending me this delicious gluten/wheat-free sponge cake! The jam and buttercream filling totally hit the spot and I was impressed with the brilliant icing design on the cake. Best of all? The cake fit right through my letterbox!

I’d like to thank every single one of my readers/followers/fans (whatever floats your boat) for joining me on this journey and sticking around. I’d also like to specially thank Sarah who has helped me develop this blog from strength to strength by planning content as well as editing and proofreading posts! Definitely check her out if you need someone to sort your online shizzle out!

I’m so excited to continue this journey with my blog and online business. I’ve also decided to post thrice a week on my blog starting from Tuesday, as I really enjoy content creation and I want to mix things up a bit, so stay tuned for exciting content!

Here’s to another 4 years (or more!) 

Until next time!

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