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Why Businesses Should Invest in Paid Advertising

With 4.9 billion online users, digital marketing has an enormous reach and is definitely something to consider as a business. Paid advertising can help kickstart your efforts and help you get in front of those interested in your products and services. We’ve teamed up with a digital agency that provide marketing for schools in Hertfordshire to share some interesting points about paid advertising and why you should consider making it a part of your overarching strategy. 

Instant Exposure

One of the main benefits of paid advertising is instant exposure. You can appear before your target audience without having to wait for it to happen organically, which while free can take years to build. With search ads for example, you can appear before millions the moment you decide to start your campaign. As you’re likely going to be paying for clicks/exposure, it’s important to get targeting right so you will need to think carefully about the platforms that you use and messaging.

Paying for Results

The great thing is that you’re paying based on results. If you’re running a PPC campaign where you’re paying based on clicks or conversions, there is almost certainly something to gain. 

Brand Awareness

You might also consider paid advertising as a way to increase brand awareness. While the primary goal is to of course gain sales/enquiries, it can take a while to build trust and convince potential customers to take the step. One well known fact in marketing is that on average it takes prospects seven encounters with your brand before they decide to purchase. By opting for PPC, you are able to get in front of the right audience and communicate your message. As it’s the clicks that you’re paying for, the placement itself is entirely free.

Market Research and Insights

What you can do with advertising is phenomenal. You’re able to access rich audience insights to make future campaigns more effective. This can help you with market research as you’re able to learn about your audience’s behavioural characteristics. Other ways that you can carry out research are A/B tests that allow you to discover the best way to market yourself.

High ROI

To follow on from the point above, you can continually improve your paid marketing campaigns which can help you yield a greater ROI. You are able to get more from your budget which can only be a good thing!

Flexibility and Control Over How Budget Is Spent

Campaigns can also be easily amended. You can pause, restart, and scale up and down according to your needs which gives you flexibility.

Precise Targeting

Targeting is usually very precise as you can control what time of day your ads appear, and in front of who. With search ads in particular, you can target those within different stages of their decision-making process by targeting commercial terms with purchasing intent. 


Going back to the sales funnel and the rule of seven, advertising platforms give businesses the chance to re-target and communicate with audiences that have previously interacted with ads and not purchased. This can be highly effective as there’s typically not much work and persuasion that’s needed.


The way that you display your product is key and advertisers like Google and Facebook provide a plethora of ways for businesses to showcase their products and services. For ecommerce businesses selling physical products, the shopping carousel displays everything that searchers need to make their purchases quickly and easily. Google also has its own ads display network which is comprised of over 2 million websites where you can feature display ads. If you understand your audience well enough, you can target based on their interests and display ads on the sites they frequently visit. 


The interfaces used to set up and run campaigns are also fairly straightforward to use. With Google ads in particular, you can connect various sources, such as your Google My Business account etc all by yourself. 

While paid advertising can sky-rocket your business, it’s important for a business to also establish its “owned media” channels. They demonstrate credibility, are free, and can help improve paid campaigns as for search, you have the advantage of lower CPC (cost per click) if your site’s relevant and useful.

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