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Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

As the festivities are kicking up a notch, I’ve decided to spread the love on my favourite Twitter accounts. Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms to use and I’ve found many accounts to follow which have made my timeline alot more entertaining. Here’s the Twitter accounts you should be following:

Give Me Internet

A comical account posts the “funniest shit” from the internet. It really is entertaining and definitely gives me the giggles!

4play Gamers

An account for fellow gamers who love a little laugh about gaming – expect memes, jokes and more!

Male Thoughts

Not only for the guys, but also for the girls who want to know what men really get upto…

Funny Tweets

The account name is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a timeline of funny tweets.

Cute Baby Animals

There’s plenty of pictures and clips to make even the dullest day a little more brighter!


Love memes? Then this is the one you should follow – warning, you may cry tears of laughter!

Gaming Humor & News

To round this post up, here’s another gaming related account you should follow.

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