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Tech Inventions That Have Changed Modern Living

With the passage of years, as the centuries pass by, the technology has improved so much and this technological advancement has changed the modern lifestyle as well. Technology inventions have brought about a dramatic change in the overall lifestyle and living of a person. So here we are with some incredible tech inventions that have changed modern living:

  • The electric dynamo – 1831

This phenomena of electricity have been acknowledged by the ancient Greeks. Benjamin Franklin had displayed the relationship between lightning and power. But, it changed into the invention of the electrical dynamo by Michael Faraday which virtually opened up the way to the realistic use of electricity. From Faraday’s electric dynamo, we can find a lot of present-day electrical machines.

  • Analytical engine (computer) – 1860s

This analytic engine is frequently seen because of the forerunner of the current laptop. It has the potential to be programmed and calculated for this. From those early experimental machines, we saw the development of later digital versions. It was not much advanced until after the 1940s.

  • Pasteurization – 1864

Pasteurization was developed with the aid of Louis Pasteur. This supplied a way to prevent the growth of microorganism in substances which include wine, beer, and milk. It made milk much more secure to drink.

  • Plastic – 1869

Plastic was developed by John Wesley Hyatt. Hyatt became an American printer and inventor. He also searched to find a cheap substitute to ivory billiard balls. Hyatt combined cellulose nitrate and camphor to supply a moldable flexible material – celluloid.

  • Smartphone – 1876

It was developed by Alexander Graham Bell. In studying approaches to educate the deaf, he experimented with transmitting sound through strength. Coaching by way of day, he spent many hours of his spare time, developing a form of telephone. He created a shape of a patent on March 7, 1876.

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