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Tech Geek Wishlist

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I’m a computer geek – there I said it! It’s no surprise that I love anything related to technology, so what better way to express this than creating a wishlist?! It’s also a great way to give your nearest and dearest ideas for presents (hint hint..)

Now most of these items are pretty much standard. Items for your computer station? Check. Basic digital design equipment. Check. However, what sets these apart are their specifications compared to other similar products in the market. This is why a basic understanding of technical knowledge is important when purchasing these types of items.

The one item that I’m really lusting for is the Acer Monitor! I mean, have you seen those specs? (Yup, that’s my inner geek speaking out again!) I’m also looking into buying a new keyboard (unless my mouse dies first) and eventhough the one I’ve chosen is way out of my budget, I really want to get my hands on something similar.

I’m sure I’ll be crossing off some of these items in the near future, but also adding more as there’s always newer products with better specifications on the market!

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