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Mood Lighting With The Protean Multi-Colour Lamp

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Okay, so I need to admit something. I’m a lighting addict. I mean, can you blame me? It’s so intriguing to see how a small spark of electricity can be manipulated in various ways to illuminate different colours in a range of shapes and sizes! Unintentionally, I’ve accumulated quite a few lamps in my bedroom, but that’s a post for another day. Today, I wanted to introduce you to the Floately Protean Multi-Colour Lamp!

protean lamp

What is the Protean Multi-Colour Lamp?

The Protean is the ideal lamp to cheer up your bedroom this Autumn/Winter, when the days are shorter and the evenings appear earlier. The Protean is not just any old ordinary lamp; it is a modernised LED plug-in wall light with over a million colour combinations to choose from, so you can set it to suit any mood. The sleek circular design is ideal for a minimalistic look for any bedroom. Furthermore, the colours of the LED lighting can be altered from a deep red to a serene blue as well as lively pink, orange and yellow! The cycle rotational mode is particularly brilliant to provide an incredible sensory experience with the option to adjust the speed of the lighting too – all from a wireless remote control which has touch activation controls!

protean lamp

How hard is it to install and set up?

For those of you who are not too keen on a bit of DIY, rest assured, the Protean lamp is super easy to set up and attach to your wall, especially as all the screws are provided in the box. This lamp is quite durable and manufactured from high quality components so it’s sure to last a long time, making it a great investment for your home, whether you’d like to use it in your bedroom for a quiet romantic evening, or perhaps in your living room for a jazzy gathering with friends.  

For a cool £111.70, this lamp can be yours and you can enjoy the simple, user-friendly lighting system in your home today! So what are you waiting for? Grab it now before it’s gone!

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