the most overrated games available on console and PC and why they are overrated

Overrated Games

Are there any games which you’re absolutely tired of hearing about? Games you’re desperate to get out of your head? Yep, me too. These are the ones I just want to stop people from going on about!

Call of Duty

Yes, I went there. All I see is the same game modes and play styles. There’s only a few different maps, guns and plots added with a new game release. However, there’s still something which lures me back in and I’m sat in front of my PC playing the series all over again.


I feel like Halo is really similar to CoD in terms of game modes and play styles. There’s always new additions of maps, guns and plots with each new release which makes it more frustrating! However, I really recommend this for new players, as it has more assists.


This game is quite interesting at first. There’s trading and taking part in quests which adds to the overall adventure. However, after a while it gets repetitive which takes the thrill out of playing. Despite this, the game boasts over millions of users, so it must be doing something right!

Need for Speed

Another game I really enjoy playing when I’m bored. It’s fun driving around and getting involved in cop chases, right?! It’s certainly exhilarating, but with the new releases there doesn’t seem to be anymore advancements. Just different maps, plots and cars…

League of Legends

I actually enjoy the various game modes. But, it gets a bit tedious when players attack or defend bases only for the same actions to happen repetitively.  Despite this, the game has won and been nominated for many awards, so there must be some individuals out there who enjoy this type of thing.

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