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Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4

Insomniac has totally outdone themselves on the creation of Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s an action adventure video game which combines the mundane life of Peter Parker and the exhilarating quests of Spider-Man.

The brilliant graphics bring to life the open world game. It has amazingly realistic city scenes (but no day-night cycle; what’s with that?!) with brilliant detailed motions and a gripping story line. It also has numerous other objectives & mini games. It can pretty much become another movie instalment with the character development and the attention paid to the emotional elements as well.

Starting off, it is quite difficult to get to grips with the controls. But with a little practice, players can make Spider-Man swing, lunge and leap. However, a lack of damage from falls does remove some realism. The indoor sequences also have the same fascinating effect. There’s plenty of gadgets involved and it also makes the player think strategically in order to take down the enemy.

Leveling up the main character has never been so entertaining. It allows new moves and gadgets to be unlocked for combat scenarios. What’s more is that Spider-Man has a whole closet of different costumes, each with their own powers. The addition of the photo mode also serves up some fun. Players can create comic book covers, panels or a whole damn comic book!

This game is a must-try for any Marvel/Spider-Man fan or otherwise someone who’d like to feel like our neighbourhood superhero for a day (or more!)

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