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Why Every Man Should Have A Leather Bag In Their Life

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With our lives getting busier by the day and with most of us probably on the go for the majority of the time, it’s now more important than ever to have a bag in your life; a leather crossbody bag to be specific.

Whilst briefcases and backpacks were seen to be the norm accessory for men to carry around on their daily commute, these are quickly become replaced by more stylish and modern alternatives – satchels, messengers and duffels to name a few. However, crossbody bags have become all the craze recently, which will explain why nearly every guy is rocking them!

Crossbody bags may seem feminine but with the right dimensions and styling, these bags can be seen as a true men’s fashion accessory suited to any outfit, such as this Brown Single Strap Bag from Trendhim. They are not only practical, if you want to keep your hands free, but they’re also comfortable due to the way they are designed to embrace your torso and sit on your shoulder. It’s no wonder designers like Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton are jumping on the hype!

leather crossbody bag trendhim

So, why a leather crossbody bag in particular?

It feels luxurious

Whilst textiles can be fun and expressive, nothing feels as luxurious as leather. Leather itself is seen as a symbol of status and can give off a serious yet stylish impression. Leather crossbody bags can put together an entire outfit, so it’s a brilliant investment piece.

It looks stylish

Leather equals style. A leather crossbody bag is a timeless accessory, so will never go out of fashion, therefore it’s something worth investing in for every modern man. It’ll become a life long staple piece in your wardrobe and it can be worn over and again no matter the occasion.

It is practical

As previously mentioned, crossbody bags are known for their practicality, but a leather crossbody bag is so much more durable and easier to clean due to its tougher finish – a simple dusting or rub down will ensure it looks like new again! Split a little drink on it? No problem, simply wipe it off!

It ensures safety

As opposed to other bags, a crossbody bag is close to you, like super duper close. It also comes with zippers, which means no one can reach inside and get their hands on your items enclosed inside. It also makes it harder for someone to sprint away with your bag, as opposed to bags you would usually hold over your shoulder or in your hand.

It oozes quality

A leather crossbody bag is a stamp of high quality; something which will last many years. However, be sure to check the type of leather used to manufacture it, the quality of the fabric lining the inside of the bag as well as the durability of the zippers. The last thing you need is to purchase a cheap knock off, right? So, do your research, ask as many questions as you need to and buy from a reputable seller – after all, you will be spending your hand earned cash!

leather crossbody bag trendhim

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