an ideal kitchen

An Ideal Kitchen

I’ve recently moved house and I’m currently in the process of designing the kitchen, so you can pretty much imagine the chaos that my current home is in. Stacks of taped boxes full of my kitchen belongings. Bits & bobs strewn around waiting to be re-homed. Food needing to be stored away. However, I know it’s all going to be worth it in the end. I’m a huge foodie and from what I’ve heard, the kitchen is where the heart is for a food lover. It’s the place where all the amazing things happen, right?! From new recipe concoctions to long hours in front of the cooking book, it’s where I’m most happy! I’m particularly excited about choosing the various furnishings and appliances which come together to create the enjoyment in cooking delicious food! Will I have it spacious and minimal? Or will it be bold and extravagant? Maybe, I’ll stick to a homely feel with neutral colours.

I can visualise it already, I’m going to have so much fun choosing from a range of appliances. Should I opt for a free-standing cooker or go for a hob instead? It’s the key to the whole of the kitchen so I’ll have to choose wisely. But then I’d also have to consider the other components to it. Does it include an oven, grill and extractor fan? Then, there’s the refrigerator. I’ve always thought all-in-ones (with both a fridge and freezer) are way better than individual ones. Besides, I’ve been lusting after the ones with the built in ice cube dispensers lately! How about the sink? Will it be one big one or one with a separate bowl? I’ve always loved the traditional ceramic sinks, so maybe I’ll go with one of those. What about the style of taps? There’s the mono mixers or the pull-out ones. I think the standard kitchen pillar taps would go nicely with the sink I have in mind!

What about kettles, toasters and microwaves?! I almost forgot about those – oops! Maybe I’ll even throw in some extra pieces like a blender for my protein shakes and coffee maker for a quick shot of my favourite drink in the early mornings. There are so many possibilities – read more here! And then, there’s the countertops, backsplash, lighting and flooring too! The countertops are basically the building blocks of the entire kitchen. The style, colour and fitting determine the rest of the kitchen layout. However, it can be quite difficult and time-consuming to choose between them, as there are so many designs, shades and materials available. Will I opt for marble? Far too luxurious for me! What about wood? Too much upkeep required! Maybe granite is more my thing? Yep, absolutely! There’s also the option of adding a kitchen island, if there’s a little bit of extra space in the kitchen. I’d love to use it as an additional cooking station or even a place where all the family can sit down and enjoy each other’s company during mealtimes! Then, there’s the cabinets and drawers. I think I’ll probably have a minimal amount of drawers, because to be quite frank, I think they are a waste of space! You can’t really store cooking gadgets, small electrical appliances or other essential crockery in those, can you?!

Finally, there’s the flooring. Will it be tiled? A little bit dangerous if things get slippery, don’t you think? How about classic stone? It may be robust, but not very welcoming, right? Maybe, I’ll stick with laminate, because not only is it an affordable option, but it’s also low-maintenance. Definitely a win-win situation! I just can’t wait to get stuck into designing and getting my kitchen fitted in!

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