Choosing Luvanto is the Right Choice

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If you have been reading up about the various choices between luxury vinyl flooring, you may find yourself stuck on a decision over which brand is the ideal one to fit out a room or your entire home.

Admittedly it is a tough choice as they all offer so much in terms of unique design and protective qualities; however, one brand that is the popular choice is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

But why Luvanto over other market brands is the question you may ask, and the answer is simple; it’s stronger and it is highly recommended by interior designers as the most popular UK brand.


Budget is always at the first consideration when it comes to fitting out your home, and the Luvanto brand knows and acknowledges this in its product.

Many people want that distinctive look of real hardwood flooring in their home but realise the vast expense that installing it entails. This is where Luvanto, as a recognised leader in replicated hardwood designs, comes into play. Noticing that hardwood is expensive and requires a professional to fit, Luvanto developed a perfectly replicated light and dark wood design to their product to make it indistinguishable and so easy to simply click together, that you cut out two expenses at once by not requiring a professional and having the look of the real thing.

Luvanto can be fitted in a simple afternoon if you have the time, so already your bank account should be sighing with relief.


Just because Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is cheaper doesn’t mean it is weaker. Vinyl flooring is manufactured to withstand more threats than any other flooring could handle.

For starters, it is highly stain resistant, which means it can withstand some of the harshest stain creating sources that other flooring cannot handle. It is scratch resistant also, so even furniture that is moved around the room will not damage the wear layer. However, we do advise that heavy furniture has felt pads attached to the feet to reduce any at all risk of deep scratches and indents.

Thirdly it is highly waterproofed so that your subfloor is fully protected. This does not mean it is ideal for a swimming pool, but that it can withstand more than a fair share of spillages.


You want the look of the real thing and the good news is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is the major brand that can deliver on it.

Whether it is light or dark hardwood or if you prefer stones, slates, marbles or ceramic look in any room, vinyl planks and tiles from Luvanto are high sellers that present the perfect replicated look and it is hard to tell the difference.

When talking with suppliers of luxury vinyl flooring, ask to check out the ranges on offer from Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto Click and Herringbone, and see why Luvanto are the UK’s popular brand.

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