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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Flooring (Plus The Right Answers)

Choosing flooring is significantly more complex than simply shopping for the most attractive product. Numerous additional elements, such as humidity, longevity, pricing, and so on, have a significant impact on a decision. Read on the following questions and their answers to help you make the best flooring option for you and your home.

Is your floor going to be laid in a high-humidity environment?

All forms of flooring could be used at this phase if humidity is not a constraining concern. Otherwise, you’ll need to have a flooring option that can withstand high or medium humidity, such as concrete, tile, or vinyl tile.

Do you prefer low maintenance?

If you choose solid hardwood flooring, you prefer beauty over ease of upkeep. It takes effort to maintain solid or engineered wood to look beautiful. Regardless, it’s definitely worth it. To save effort and money, protect busy areas with rugs and mats.

Do you have pets?

If you have fur buddies, you’ll need a floor that can withstand a lot of wear and stains. Scratch-resistant flooring isn’t always what it looks to be. Solid hardwood, for example, is readily scratched. Scratches can be sanded out, which is its redeeming feature. Instead, opt for long-lasting flooring such as  tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring.

Where will it be installed?

Since lower-level areas are much more sensitive to moisture than upper-level, think about how this will affect your flooring selection. Consider a type of flooring that can withstand daily wear and tear if it will be installed in the entryway or in a game room for pets and children. If someone in the family uses a wheelchair, walker, or cane, ensure that the flooring choice allows for easy, unrestricted movement.

Do you plan to redecorate?

When purchasing a new floor, color is an important factor to consider because it affects the entire area. Lighter flooring can make a space appear larger, but it also emphasizes stains and damage. Darker flooring can add warmth to a room while also revealing dust and pet hair. Vibrant décor can be accommodated by neutral tones, making it simple to adjust afterwards.

What’s your budget?

If you’re on a limited budget, laminate flooring can be found for roughly £20 per square meter. You can get even better deals this Black Friday and grab up to 50% off on flooring. Laminate flooring looks like real wood, and it’s perfect for homeowners on a tight budget. At this budget, you can also opt for tiles, but keep in mind that tile is a labor-intensive installation. 

For many flooring options, the sweet spot pricing range is roughly £40 per square meter. Solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring are available, but don’t expect one-of-a-kind or imported woods. This category includes the more sophisticated laminate flooring, as well as better luxury vinyl tile.

Is this a DIY project?

You can typically lower your flooring costs in half by installing it yourself. Laminate flooring and plank vinyl flooring are two of the most popular and easy-to-install floorings for homeowners. Both are floating flooring, meaning that each board is connected to the one next to it. Installing tiles is a more difficult endeavor than installing laminate or vinyl.

On a final note, when choosing flooring, consider your household situation and personal finances, as these are crucial when settling on a choice.

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