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5 Handy Tech Tools To Run Your Business

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1. USB sticks

USB sticks are an important asset for your business. There are many types of USB sticks on the market with a range of storage sizes available to enable you to save important files for a variety of reasons. Modern USB sticks also have encryption technology to protect their contents in case the device is lost or stolen, making them more desirable. In recent years, organisations such as USB Makers, can also create personalised USB sticks with a range of illustrations, materials and mechanisms. I think this is a brilliant way to increase brand awareness and improve customer sales.

2. Power banks

A power bank is a portable battery device and a great tool for your business needs. This is a must-have item if you’re always on the move and have little to no access to charging your mobile phone. There are many types of power banks with different methods of charging, storing power and watt output. Standard power banks use a normal USB cable in order to charge a device, but other power banks on the market can charge with sunlight using the in-built solar panel. The one I use is a personalised one from USB Makers – it’s efficient in charging my mobile phone when I require and it’s pretty durable due to its strong casing, so it’s handled a few accidental drops.

3. Bluetooth headset

This device is important for your business if you receive many calls, especially when driving, as current legislation means using a phone whilst operating a vehicle is illegal. As it’s a wireless device, there’s no issue of tangled wires, but it will require charging before use. There are also many brands which manufacture these headsets, so be sure to compare talk time and charging duration when purchasing a model.

4. Multi-purpose pen

A pen is an important asset on its own but having a pen which can do many other things just makes it a whole lot better for your business. There are many types of multi-purpose pens which are packed with different types of handy features. A few useful features some of these pens include are screwdrivers, hole punchers and even stainless steel forks! It’s great to have one of these in your pocket as you will never know when one of the features will be handy.

5. Security dongle

You know those times when you need to step away from your laptop to use the restroom or get a refill in the coffee shop? Well, this is where the security dongle comes in. Using Bluetooth technology, it locks your laptop when you step out of a certain range, and then unlocks it when you’re back in it again!

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